Switzerland, a country in love with torture!

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This is a story of police brutality in Switzerland.
If you don't want us to write about it, don't let it happen!

The Swiss police in Canton de Valais in Switzerland accused my son Philip of murder and deprived him of all outside contact, so that it would be difficult for him to organise his defense.

The Swiss police set about torturing him until he pleaded guilty to a crime that he had not committed in order to put him in jail immediately and to bring an end to his life in a Swiss prison, away from the eyes of the world.

Note that all the police statements are in plain text and that all the conclusions by the writer are in italics.

My son Philip first met Oscar De Llano while he was working in London for Abbey National Bank. They were both computer engineers. They worked for the same bank but in a different buildings. Around 2002 Oscar took up a contract with Credit Swiss in Zurich, in Switzerland. Philip moved to France also around that time.

In 2007 Philip took a job in Geneva after hearing so often from Oscar how wonderful Switzerland was.

During the period 2010-2012 Philip attended practical sessions for his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Zurich. Philip visited Oscar. Philip quickly realised that Oscar had not integrated into the local lifestyle. He had suffered a depression and was being treated by a psychiatrist. As Oscar was alone with a bad state of health, Philip visited him when he was able to. When Philip left Zurich, they kept in touch by phone.

When Oscar was asked to leave his apartment because of the state of the interior, he needed somewhere to stay until he made arrangements to go to his family in Spain. Philip offered him shelter in his house in Fully, in the Canton du Valais, on the understanding that he would be alone as Philip was living with his companion in Martigny, about 9 kilometers away. Philip was busy restoring the old apartment he had bought. Oscar agreed that he would not consume drugs such as marijuana. Oscar insisted he had money and would pay rent until he left. Everything began well. Philip even provided Oscar with a bicycle and encouraged him to use it.

However Philip noticed that Oscar health was not improving. As Philip was not his official minder, Philip never got much information. Philip contacted Oscar's assistante social or mentor, to say that Oscar's health was deteriorating, to please look into this matter. To date Philip had not seen any sign that the assistante sociale had done anything. Philip was wondering what to do next.

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