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The Swiss Torture in 2015

This website tells the story of my son Philip and his encounter with Swiss Police Brutality.

You will hear about Oscar De Llano who had a successful career in the U.K. but was tempted by the salary at Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland.

In a short period of time in Zurich, Oscar developed mental health problems and finished up in the care of a psychiatrist. And tried to commit suicide several times.

My son Philip had met Oscar when they were working for the same bank in London and they kept in touch by email.

When Oscar was asked to leave his apartment in Zurich, and until he made arrangements to seek his family in Spain, Philip offered him shelter in Fully in the Canton of Valais.

Unfortunately it was too late for Oscar. He committed suicide. My son was living in Martigny, 9 kilometers away but on Tuesday 28 April 2015, Philip left by bicycle for Fully and probably took 35 minutes to get there with some equipment.

Philip went searching for Oscar and found his body in the attic. Philip made contact with emergency to get assistance.

The Cantonale police, a man and a woman in uniform, arrived and inspected the body. They then proceeded to call the police judicaire, who arrived, took out their forms and began to ask questions: name, nationality, birth day, place of birth, etc...Philip asked for an interpreter, the police refused and kept on asking questions.

The Swiss police immediately arrested Philip on suspicion of murder.

Philip is the owner of the house but he doesn't live at this address, he lives several kilometers away and he provided an alibi. The Swiss police ignored his declaration and his alibi.

The police manhandled him physically, refused him a glass of water, refused him access to his lawyer, refused him access to a French - English interpreter as his French was only basic, and refused him access to the French Consulate and they questioned him for nearly nine consecutive hours.

After reading of my son's experience you will know what you risk in coming to Switzerland.

This is the beginning of the story.

Read the full story on the website in Chapter 1 story.

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