Forced Medical

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Look at these marks on his wrists! Proof that he has participated in a game of Sado-Macho!

Police during Medical Exam

The marks that you indicate are the marks of your handcuffs

Examining Physician

On the way to the jail, they stop at the hospital in Martigny for Philip to give a blood sample.
They arrive at the jail around 06h00.
Philip has not slept.
At the jail, they put him in a cell where it is very cold.
Philip has to insist in order to get a blanket.
Philip is shivering in the cold weather.
The Swiss police gives him a fore taste of what would be his life in jail.
Philip is not ready to plead guilty.
Toward 07h30 the police in uniform are back.
They put some handcuffs on Philip's hands and take him to the hospital in Sion.
They place Philip in a room which is very cold.
Two female wearing hospital garments arrive and proceed to an examination and total body search as ordered by Procureur Gisler.
But suddenly Philip does not feel the cold weather any more. Philip gives thanks to the Providence.
Philip has to take off his clothes and shoes that the police put in a sack.
Philip is completely naked, but somehow he does not feel the cold.
The polices in uniform observe the full procedure.
What goes on amuses the polices.
Philip calls out loudly ''Perverts!''
The police do not seem to like the word ''perverts''.
The total body search terminates. All that Philip is aware of is that there was no drugs in his anus.
Philip notes that the polices are not satisfied. It is written on their faces.
Philip said to the physicians that he suffers from asthma and that he risks asphyxia if he has an attack of asthma. He therefore needs on hand his medicine, Ventolin, that the polices have seized with his clothes.
The two physicians ignore Philip's request.
Philip insists, he said again that he suffers from asthma to the two physicians. He has need of his medicine in case of a crisis of asthma.
One physician tells Phil to speak to the polices. The physicians cannot do anything about the medication.
The action of the physicians clearly violates their obligations as required by their so called medical profession. The police are in full control. Therefore the establishment is not a ''hospital'' but a disguised police station.
Suddenly Philip realises that he does not seem to feel the cold weather any more to precisely avoid a crisis of asthma. Philip gives thanks to the Providence.
Philip asks the police for his Ventoline medication for his asthma.
The police reply that as soon as he pleads guilty, the police will return his clothes and medication. ''Are you ready to plead guilty?''
The police photograph him under all the angles again.
Then the polices measure all the marks on Philip's body.
Philip notices that the physicians note the marks and their position on his body.
Is that in order to prove that the polices are not responsible ? Or is it something else?
There is something else : the police are looking for evidence that Philip is a drug user and an homosexual and that he has taken part in a Sado-Macho in a group.
All of a sudden the polices shout ''Victory! 'Look at these marks on his wrists! Proof that he has participated in a game of Sado-Macho! We have him now!''
A feminine voice intervenes ''The marks that you indicate are the marks of your handcuffs.''
Consternation with the police.
Notice that the physicians of the feminine gender are swift in order to protect the polices from making an embarrassing mistake that would show up in Court, but when it comes to the medication Ventolin, they do not assist. The only part of his body that they refuse to photograph are his wrists marked by their handcuffs.
The so called physicians signal that they are leaving.
The cowards run away as fast as possible.