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In Switzerland the English word ''forcing'' means selecting a person at random, applying torture to said person until he or she pleads ''guilty'' to stop the pain of the torture. It makes a policeman job easier. Never mind about the victim.

On the morning of Tuesday 28 April 2015, Philip slept late because they had been busy with family reunion on the previous Sunday.

About 17h45 Philip left Martigny by bicycle and rode to Fully. When Philip arrived he placed all his load in his store room and went looking for Oscar. He found the window in the dining room wide open, the lights turned on. He went systematically through the house and finally went upstairs to the attic, a storage area. As he approached the sofa he found Oscar's body lying on the floor.

Philip's mobile phone was out of credit but he managed to use the Internet to contact his compagne and he told her he had no credit on his phone to please contact emergency services on his behalf and get them to call him. They called him and he asked them to send an ambulance . They replied they would also call the police in case the person had died.

The police judiciaire in uniform, arrived and took out their forms and began to ask questions: name, nationality, birth day, place of birth, etc... This took some time. They used complicated language. Philip told them he had trouble working out what they were saying. Philip told them that French was not his language, his language was English, could we have an interpreter? The police ignored his request and went on with their questions and furiously writing on their forms. Philip began to wonder at what they were writing down.

Around 19h00 Philip is advised that police inspector Fontannaz has arrived. He had taken the questionnaires and had gone to the attic. He is looking after the case.

Inspector Fontannaz interviews Philip for the first time and said directly to Philip ''Something does not fit.'' It was then that Philip noticed that his eyes lids were very close to each other leaving only a slit. Philip believed that he was trying to look ferocious.

Philip waited for the inspector to continue.

When the inspector spoke, the tone of his voice revealed that he was on the attack.

''You state that you were born in Australia, how come you are traveling on a French passport?''

''My father is French by birth so I inherit his nationality, hence the French passport. However being born in Australia, and my mother being Australian, makes me Australian as well. Because of my French passport I travel in Europe under the Schengen agreement.

''We shall check all this.'' replies the inspector.

The inspector went on :''It is in Australia that the festival 'gays and lesbians' is held every year.''

This is the first sign that the Swiss police classify ''gays and lesbians'' as criminals.

''We are broad minded in Australia. Everyone respects the rights of others to their own views, then peace reigns. We could not do it otherwise.''

The inspector asks ''What do you mean you could not do it otherwise?''

''In Australia we have people who come from different cultures to develop the country. They all have different outlooks and this is called 'multiculturalism'''

''You say your French is basic, but you are using more than basic French.''

''I have been asked this question often therefore I learned the words to explain the situation.''

''Therefore you are what they call 'gay' ?

''I am not an homosexual. I am what they call ''straight''

''You would say that.''

''It is a fact.''

''For my part I believe you are ''gay''.

''You are free to think as you want.''

This is the second sign that the Swiss police classify ''gays and lesbians'' as criminals.

The inspector moves to another part of the house.

Around 19h30 Phil's partner Patricia came over to the house but was held outside by the police. She called Philip on his mobile, that she was at his front door. Philip did not realise the Police were stopping her from entering, so he went to the front door to speak to her. The police quickly intervened and asked her to come into the house to answer their questions so that she and the baby would not be out in the cold, despite the fact she had been waiting half an hour already in the cold with a baby. In fact that was not the reason, the reason was to prevent collusion between her and Philip because Philip was already an accused. The police told Philip to wait at the door.

Around 20h00 Pat is in the house with the baby and inspector Fontannaz questions her for about half an hour. We would learn later that the inspector asked her where was she on the evening of Monday 27 April? She answered that she was at her residence in Martigny. Who was with her? The baby, my companion and I were there. She was asked several times if she was certain that these three persons stayed together for the evening of 27 April? She answered that yes she was quite certain that Philip and the baby and she stayed together. Inspector Fontannaz asked her if Philip did not go out during the night to participate in a sex party with Oscar and others?

She maintained that the baby, she and Philip slept in the same room, that the baby wakes up about every two hours to be fed and if Philip had gone out of the room she would have been aware of it. After this the Inspector asked her to go home.

The fact that the inspector asked Pat about Monday evening and Tuesday morning, when the hours that Oscar died had not yet been made public, implies that the police had already been informed by the médecin legiste about the approximate date and time and that the police had decided that Philip was involved.

During all this time the police asked Philip to come into the house and led him to the kitchen. Philip did not see Pat leave.

In the kitchen, two polices blocked the exits of the kitchen.

Inspector Fontannaz resume his interview with Philip.

''Oscar Llano was keeping company with homosexual people.''

''He is no longer among us to object, therefore do not impute him such practices.''

''We have proof. But it is your case which we are concerned about.''

''I have no behaviour that can be classified as homosexual.''

''You came to Fully on Monday evening to have a sex party with him. A type of bondage which is called '' sado-macho'' which had tragic consequences. Oscar got strangled. You have invented the whole story of suicide to escape justice.''

'' Your evidence to prove this?''

''The whole operation is stitched with white thread. Let us not waste time. The police offers you to plead guilty of the accidental manslaughter of Oscar, or we will put you on trial for murder.''

''You want me to plead guilty to the accidental manslaughter of Oscar, and spend time in jail for a crime I did not commit.?''

''Yes. Because you are guilty.''

''I am innocent. Therefore I will not plead guilty.''

Inspector Fontannaz goes out of the room. He returns about half an hour later.

''Do you have a mobile phone?''


''Why then did you wait so long before calling emergency?''

''My phone is a pre paid phone and it had run out of credit.''

''Therefore you do not use it?''

''When you have used up all your credit you cannot send messages but you can still receive messages. The mobile phone is always useful until you buy more credits.''

''The proof of what you are saying?''

''I will show you the last SMS from Oscar.''

''A message from Oscar? How can that be?''

Philip calls up the latest sms (in English) from Oscar and reads it aloud:

'' I am sorry for all the trouble that I caused you.

I stand here, I want to hang myself but I am too weak.

I have therefore taken a lot of pills and I don't even remember my name.

First thing tomorrow morning I go to the hospital.''

Inspector Fontannaz reached for the phone and began the sequence of actions on Philip's telephone to erase the message from Oscar. Philip quickly stops him and locks the phone.

Inspector Fontannaz said that the police would come and take the phone by force.

Immediately all the polices in uniform said '' Give us your phone or we will come and take it by force.''

The first sign of dishonesty by the police.

Philip said ''I don't think you have the right to take my phone but if you really want it, I won't resist, but I say that is illegal and pretty poor for the police to not respect the law.''

Then inspector Fontannaz addresses Philip, insists that Philip is lying, that Philip is guilty of the murder of Oscar and that he is an homosexual and keeps company with Jews.

''I see no problem with having Jewish friends and homosexuals.''

Inspector Fontannaz ignores Philip's reply.

Inspector Fontannaz insists that Philip is lying, that Philip is guilty of the murder of Oscar. He asks :''Are you ready to plead guilty?''

Philip answers ''Non.''


Inspector Fontannaz addresses Philip, insists that Philip is lying, that Philip is guilty of the murder of Oscar and is an homosexual. He asks :''Are you ready to plead guilty?''

Philip answers ''Non.''

The polices in uniform take over. They insist that Philip is lying, insist that Philip is guilty of the murder of Oscar.

Philip answers ''Non.''

Philip thought immediately that the plot had been agreed to before hand.

When the chief of the pack attacks, the pack follows.

( pack : a group of people dead set against someone. )

In an instant Philip understands that the Swiss police is using its favorite tool of ''forcing''. In Switzerland the English word ''forcing'' means selecting a person at random, applying torture to said person until he or she pleads ''guilty'' to stop the pain of the torture. It makes a policeman job easier. Never mind about the victim.

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