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The policeman quickly replies ''So you are resisting! You are refusing! Give us all your computers or we will turn the entire house upside down searching (for drugs).''

We were to learn later that this very morning, inspector Fontannaz summoned Philip's companion to the local police station.

Inspector Fontannaz knows perfectly well that she has a baby to take care of. But it doesn't count for the Swiss Nazi police wearing a Swiss uniform when the inspector is out to destroy one of Phil's alibi and intends to trick her into changing her original statement so that he can charge her with perjury and arrest her and place the baby in the care of social services and make her suffer. The police do not arrest babies, everybody knows that.

The interview lasts three and a half hours at eight o'clock in the morning as she holds a baby in her arms.

He wants her to change her statement that Philip was at his domicile all night.

Should she agree and change her statement the police can immediately charge her with giving false statements to the police. arrest her and place the baby in the care of social services.

She refuses. It is the truth, to say otherwise would be lying.

The inspector insists several times.

She refuses to change her original statement.

Finally inspector Fontannaz threaten to incarcerate her if she says anything in the media before the end of the case.

'' And that the police do not arrest babies.''

The police is still confident that Philip will collapse from the ''forcing''.

The implied threat here is that if she is arrested the baby will be placed in the care of social services. Being a journalist, she quickly understands.

Toward 2 pm, Philip's companion attacks, she phones district attorney Gisler and asks him when does he intend to free Philip?

The district attorney replied that you must not speak about this case while the case is under consideration.

The companion replies that she needs Philip to assist her to take care of the baby. That during an interview this morning inspector Fontannaz looked for a long time at my baby and said ''We do not put babies in jail.''

The threat was implied, because he just had threatened me with jail if I said anything in the medias before the end of the case and you have just said the same thing. Warn the first person who tries to separate me from my baby that I have claws.

Meanwhile back in jail, Philip is in a cell, alone.

The prison guard comes to demand the password for his phone. Philip, an asthmatic, refuses and is promptly transferred to another cell with a cellmate who is a smoker. The implication is clear, putting an asthmatic in a cell with a smoker after depriving him of his ventolin clearly puts his life at risk.

Some hours later police in plain clothes, inspectors Tissiéres et Yerly, arrive at the jail saying that Philip is being discharged and that they are going to conduct Philip to his domicile in Martigny. Notified on 29 April 2015 at 16h30.

Philip notes that the two police are nervous.

There are two inspectors because the police are planing to catch Philip refusing a police request in order to re arrest him and start a new ''forcing''.

Philip immediately asks himself ''What is this hiding?'' because the police in plain clothes say that they do not have his clothes, shoes and Ventoline. Philip only has the prison outfit and the oversized sandals. A clear indication that the police is looking for a new reason to arrest Philip.

The police and Philip arrive at Philip's domicile in Martigny.

The police ask Philip to return the jail outfit.

Philip thinks that the police are trying not to leave any evidence behind.

That is not the police objective. The police want to catch Philip refusing a police request so that they can re arrest him again and begin a new period of ''forcing.''

Philip puts on new clothes and returns the prison outfit.

Please note that to date, Philip has complied, apart from pleading guilty of the murder of Oscar, with all the requests from the police. The police cannot therefore charge him with not cooperating with the police.

Then the police show a document which is an order to seize all of Philip's computers.

Seize all of Philip's computers?

A new torture! Perhaps the police thought that one more torture would crash Philip?

Philip said to the police that he attends a course at an university and that he has need of his computers because all his notes are on the computer. Without his computers he can't study or work.

The policeman quickly replies ''So you are resisting! You are refusing! Give us all your computers or we will turn the entire house upside down searching (for drugs).''

Immediately Philip suspect a trap. There is nothing to incriminate him in the computers, therefore he lets the computers go.

''No. I am merely explaining the situation.''

Philip suspect a trap and he doesn't want to involve his compagne in his misfortune.

Philip says ''You can take the three computers.''

The police look surprised.

This result was not expected.

Philip gives the police his three computers as well as the passwords.

Philip invites the police to note carefully the passwords in order not to come back tomorrow because the polices could in the meantime change all the passwords then the original passwords that he would give would not be acceptable any longer by the machines.

The polices bable something that Philip doesn't understand.

Interpreter, where are you?

The police carry away the three computers, one of which is in breakdown and disassembled. Philip warns them that to carry around a disassembled computer is dangerous, it could completely destroy the operating system.

As soon as the police have their loot, they depart quickly.

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