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What are the use of Courts? The police is judge and jury in Suisse.

We find out later that the official time of death of Oscar has now been made public but the writer suspects that the police had been informed right from the beginning about the probable time of death of Oscar.

This explains why the district attorney has decided to discontinue, for the present, the case against Philip.

Please note that the order of incarceration of Philip had been issued before the date and the hour of death of Oscar was officially made public. It is only on 22 May 2015 that the District Attorney informs Philip's lawyer that Doctor Bettina Schrag, the Head of legal medicine, declares that Oscar died probably April 28 between 02h00 and 07h00.

Philip was put back in liberty on April 29 2015 at 16h30. Therefore all the work of the police didn't produce any element in order to maintain Philip in detention. Philip had to be released. On the other hand Philip was subjected to torture during all this time. Therefore the District Attorney states right away that the police will pay the 300 Swiss francs indemnity for one day in detention as allowed by law. The Swiss justice can then claim that they have complied with the laws.

Now Docteur Stéphane Simonazzi, Psychiatre-psychothérapeute FMH,who interviewed Philip declares that Philip will have need for treatment before he could continue his studies and his work.

J'ai constaté chez M. Rousseau des symptômes anxieux au premier plan, avec sentiment d'insécurité, état d'alarme (impression d'être sur le qui-vive qui peut déboucher sur des idées de nature persécutoire) et reviviscentes de scènes reliées à son interpellation et au séjour qu'il a effectué en incarcération. Il manifeste des troubles du sommeil avec cauchemars, des crises d'anxiété paroxystiques. Il se sent débordé par ses émotions. Je constate également des symptômes de la lignée dépressive avec humeur fluctuante, manque de plaisir, baisse d'appétit et troubles de la concentration.


I noted in Mr. Rousseau anxious symptoms on the first plan, with a feeling of insecurity, a state of constant alarm (impression of being on constant alert (qui-vive) which could lead to ideas of persecution) and reminding him of events during some stages of his questioning and to the period that he spent in incarceration. He shows some lack of sleep with nightmares, some crises of paroxystiques anxiety . He feels overcome by his emotions. I note also some symptoms of depression with fluctuating moods, lack of pleasure, decrease of appetite and lack of concentration.

This proves that Philip's condition is the result of the torture he was subjected to during his arrest.

Philip has therefore exhausted all the facilities of the ''justice'' Swiss. The Swiss police will pay 300 Swiss francs of damages for one day in jail. No mention of the torture of course. And farewell.

But Philip's whole house is still seized by justice (under sequestration) when in fact Philip only rented part of it to Oscar. (sequestration: Deposit of a litigious item by order of justice into the hands of a third person who must preserve it until a definitive decision is made.)

Meaning Philip has no access to his house even though he has only let a portion of the house to Oscar, not the whole house.

Another torture for Philip because he doesn't have access to his part of the house during this period by the simple decision of a district attorney?

What are the use of Courts?

The police is judge and jury in Suisse.

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