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This apparently is justice according to the Swiss Nazi government.

After his release from detention Philip gives instructions to his personal lawyer that all the contacts with the police have to go through him so that Philip can have a witness.

Then Philip finds out that his lawyer has fallen sick. His substitute does not act to move the case forward but requests a provision of two thousand Swiss francs.

The two thousand provision is a clear indication that the substitute expects Philip to be found guilty and that in that case the insurance will not pay his bill.

A lady advises Philip to take another lawyer. She gives him a name. Philip is insured against legal proceedings. Philip check the name with his insurer.

Maitre Loretan is acceptable. Philip contacts Maitre Loretan. (Maitre is how you address a lawyer)

Maitre Loretan accepts to take Philip's case. Phil transfers his file to his firm.

24 hours after receipt of Philip's file, Maitre Loretan writes to the procureur:

''En prenant lecture du dossier je pensais y trouver des éléments ou au moins des indices, tendant à justifier l'incarcération brutale de Philip... J' aurai l'occasion de revenir sur la façon dont Philip a été traité, en détail, mais pour l' heure je constate à la lecture du dossier que ce dernier ne contient strictement aucun élément, ni même un soupçon ou une dénonciation ou autre chose justifiant la mise en cause de Philip. En réalité , il n'existe aucun témoignage et/ou indice allant dans ce sens.''

Translation by the writer:

In reading the file I was expecting to find some elements or at least some indications, tending to justify the brutal incarceration of Philip.

I will have the opportunity of coming back later on the way in which Philip was treated, in detail, but for the present, I note that the file doesn't strictly contain any element, not even a suspicion or a denunciation, or anything else justifying the charge against Philip.

Actually, there doesn't exist any testimony and/ or active indication in this direction.


Et le Procureur fait marche arrière.

And the district attorney takes a step backward.

Philip's lawyer said to Philip that the district attorney had phoned him to ask him to say to Philip , that there had been a mistake, that Philip had been jailed illicitly and he has decided to suspend the case against Philip. That the police will pay an indemnity, for his 24 hours in jail (two half days), the sum of 300 francs per day.

Philip wants to challenge this in court.

But Philip's lawyer informs him that if he takes this to court, it will cost him money and he will not win the case because there is a law that prevents anyone from challenging the police and claim damages.

Philip is astounded. He asks,” no compensation for the torture?”

That is correct replies the lawyer.

But the Swiss district attorney has not yet put this in writing.

This is the very same man who said to Philip on the evening of the first day “No private lawyer, no French consulate , no interpreter.'' when in point of fact Philip will be asked to sign a police form that makes him aware that he has the right to request his own lawyer and an interpreter.

The police reports states that early investigations revealed ''inconsistencies'' in Philip's statements. How could it be otherwise if Philip with, limited French, did not understand the police complicated questions?

This says it all for the honesty of the police. It is non existent.

This apparently is justice according to the Swiss Nazi government.

For the moment the district attorney said that he was going to stop the proceedings.

He can't do anything else because his investigation has not discovered anything new against Philip unless of course if Philip attacks a policeman.

For some reason Philip maintain his instructions to his new lawyer that all the contacts with the police have to go through him so that Philip can have a witness. All his equipments can be returned against receipts at his lawyer.

There is one unexpected benefit, since there is no face to face contact between the police and Philip, there is no chance for the police to stage an attack by Philip on a policeman and make Philip liable for another arrest and another 24 hours of ''forcing''.

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